Functions or importance of mental health

Mental health problems affect society, and not just a small, isolated segment. For all individuals, mental, physical, and social health are closely interwoven, vital strands of life. As our understanding of this interdependent relationship grows, it becomes ever more apparent that mental health is crucial to the overall well-being of individuals, societies, and countries. Let us discuss the importance and functions of mental health in the following points below:

  1. Mental health helps in the development of whole personality: Good Mental health is described by clear attitude, positive thoughts, maturity, positive emotional balance, and happiness (Robert, 2012). When we are in a state goo mental condition, we plan out activities with maturity, cope with other people with right thought and attitude which enhances our capacity to execute and make us enjoy life. Mental health helps in developing a whole integrated personality by maintaining a proper balance between his self, his needs and environmental situation as well as needs of the society respectively.


  1. Helps in developing a moral character: People with sound mental health are found to behave as per the ethical standard of society. They are capable enough to set their own principle and values and control their emotions and transfer their energy to an honorable task which refrain them from committing any immoral and unsocial behavioral expression.


  1. Benefits in suitable aesthetic growth: Artistic and aesthetic development with sophisticated spirit and temperament is the result of sound mental health. It makes a person able to keep himself away from tensions, conflicts, unnecessary negativism, guilt feeling and hostile ideas.


  1. Benefits in the upliftment of society and community: Mentally healthy persons are the assets of a society. They are capable enough to think positively for their rights and the needs of their neighbors and working together for the development of all to lead a peaceful and progressive life.


  1. Enhances Physical Health: When one is mentally healthy, he is ready to participate in any social activity which boosts his physical stamina to release endorphins which again is a mood booster to give more energy. So, a virtuous cycle is created by the good mental health state to enhance physical health and it continues to get repeated.


  1. Mental health leads to high adjustment: A mentally healthy person is seen to be immensely satisfied and contended having high self-esteem. Therefore, seeking help from others is an apparent act for them being realistic and optimist, make them feel comfortable in any new environment and attain adjustment.


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